Shyam  Welcome to my blog Enlighten poetry!! I am Shyam Agarwal and I live in Australia. I am a software  developer by profession and my passion is Urdu-Hindi poetry. My father Abhey Kumar “Abhey” is a renowned Urdu poet, his one book “Ishq Kinare” got published in 2002, so you can say its in my blood. I have watched Mirza Ghalib serial lot of times, though I don’t have a very good understanding of all couplets of him but it gives me interminable pleasure to listen and sing his poetry.

Why I choose the name Enlighten poetry? Every person is born to live happy and there is unquestionably one thing that gives them timeless happiness, some people think about it and seek towards it, some don’t. I went through that phase of life where I thought a lot, read lot of philosophical articles, books and my father’s poetry.  Every where message is same wordings are different, main aim should be to happy and give happiness, live life the fullest without harming others.  I found that poetry is one thing which gives me ceaseless pleasure, that was my enlightenment,gave me satisfaction and pleasure which was missing.  I thought to promote my father’s poetry so that I keep reading his poetry and be in touch with my passion. I started promoting his poetry through singing and making videos of them, images  and created page on Facebook with the same name. Now I thought to create a blog where I can share my thoughts, father’s poetry and also others poetry which I enjoy.

Keep reading my blogs post, share your thoughts, comment. Also share nice couplets and thoughts that you like. Be a part of this dream.

Shyam Agarwal


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Kunal Mehra said:

    Impressive.. All the best buddy..


  2. Vivek Baheti said:

    Great stuff. Really liked the couplets posted so far!


  3. Very nice


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